Miss Dance of Great Britain 2016

If you’d have told us in June 2015 while we were trailing back on the coach from Blackpool that we could top the feeling of watching 3 of our wonderful young ladies perform on that huge stage in front of 3,500 people, we would have laughed at you.2016.06.12 05

But there we were, coaches full of Berry Babes, parents, family and friends, on Sunday 12th June 2016, arriving at the Winter Gardens Theatre to cheer on five of our talented pupils.2016.06.12 03

The day was exciting, emotional and chocca-block with fantastic and entertaining dancers. To achieve your place in Miss Dance of Great Britain, you have to compete in heats across the country to win one of the 50 spots in this prestigious competition. So there we were, with 10% of the top young dancers in the country coming from the Sharon Berry School of Theatre Dance.2016.06.12 04

huge congratulations to our girls performing at this event: Rebecca Hanneman, Alexandra O’Brien, Bree Quinton, Charlotte Stones and Bridie Thorpe. You girls danced beautifully, and we were so proud as a school to be there to cheer you on as your performed your hearts out. A record-breaker for our school, to have 5 girls dance in the competition together, and surely a wonderful experience for the Fab Five to share this moment and think about how far they’ve come since they were little girls.2016.06.12 02

A special well done to Bree Quinton, who was recalled to perform in the semi-finals of the competition with her I Dreamed A Dream. An incredible honour.2016.06.12 01-001

Well done to all of our girls who performed at Miss Dance, you are all winners in our eyes, and your parents, teachers, family, friends and fellow pupils are so very proud of you.

2 thoughts on “Miss Dance of Great Britain 2016

  1. You were all brilliant and danced beautifully but most important to me personally you entertained and held a huge audience with your own expressive dances you all did so well congratulations – love Linda xxx

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