Show Update: Rehearsals & Times

DSC_0479 (2)-001We are trying to arrange for a room in the theatre where parents can wait if they choose. There will be more information on this. Any parents of Minnie Mouse(s) who want to collect their children before the end of the first half must see Miss Amy to let her know.

Tuesday 12th July – Technical Rehearsal
Children need to arrive preferably with their hair done, no make-up and with all their costumes and shoes.
Arrival time: between 5.15-5.30
Collection times
Any children in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Minnie Mouse) can be collected from 7 o’clock, other children in the first half only, can be collected at 8 o’clock. Rabbits can be collected at 8.30pm. All other children in the second half can be collected at 9.30 at the latest.

Wednesday 13th July, Thursday 14th July and Friday 15th July
Children need to arrive preferably with their hair done, full make-up and with all their costumes and shoes.
Arrival time: between 6.15-6.30.
Collection times
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – 7.30
Children in first half only – 8.15
Rabbits – 8.40
Children in the second half – 9.30

Saturday 16th July – Matinee
Children need to arrive preferably with their hair done, full make-up and with all their costumes and shoes.
Arrival time: between 1.00-1.30
Collection times
Children in first half only – 3.10
Rabbits – 3.30
Children in the second half – 4.40

Please note we cannot remain in the theatre between the matinee and evening performances. 

Saturday 17th July – Evening 
Children need to arrive preferably with their hair done, full make-up and with all their costumes and shoes.

Arrival time: between 6.15-6.30.
Collection times
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – 7.30
Children in first half only – 8.15
Rabbits – 8.40
Children in the second half – 9.30/40 (this could be later than expected – please see us if this is a problem)

DVD and Photographs
For those of you wanting to order DVDs and photographs, please be advised that these orders must be placed by the end of the Saturday matinee. The show DVD is £20 and the cash needs to be placed in an envelope with the child’s name and a contact phone number. The same procedure goes for the photographs. Please hand these to Kay Smith or Miss Amy – if you are unsure, a member of staff can take them. Please note no cheques are accepted – cash only. DSC_0352-001

Show Information

We’re nearly there! One big class rehearsal tomorrow, then next week we’re at the theatre. We’d like to make you aware of the following information, please read all carefully.DSC_0501-002

Saturday 9th July Class Rehearsal
All pupils please arrive for 10am ready to start. For those in first half only you will finish at 11.45, rabbits will be finished for 12.15 and everyone else about 1.15.
Please read the notice board carefully for any further information. We will announce about times for theatre tomorrow too.
The chaperone rota will be on the board tomorrow. If you can’t do a time that you’re down for please see Mrs Berry,  don’t find a replacement yourself. We’d also like to remind the chaperones that they may not be in the same dressing room as their child.DSC_0189-002

Bills & Fees
Please be advised that all outsranding private lesson fees, costume bills and ticket money must be settled by tomorrow – Saturday 9th July. 
If you are not sure about whether you owe anything, please contact Mrs Berry directly either by calling or private message.DSC_0275-002

We still have tickets on sale for all performances. Orders can be placed with Mrs Berry tomorrow and the tickets will be on sale all next week. DSC_0926-001

Health and Safety
Any child/pupil/adult must have a seat ticket to go into the auditorium – fire regulations!

Other than that we’re very much looking forward to this special show and we’re so excited to show you the hard work that’s been going off behind the scenes here. If you’re unsure about anything please contact a teacher. If you are unsure how to do this you can message our Facebook page directly at – if you are not a member already, you can request to join our group at DSC_0118-002

June: The Month That Keeps On Giving

Well well well… we have been busy! We’ve achieved rather a lot in the first week of June and the month’s main even, Miss Dance of Great Britain, hasn’t even happened yet! Here’s what the month of June holds for Sharon Berry School of Theatre Dance:2016.06.06 Two Counties 03

Two Counties Dance Festival
Our Berry Babes did us proud last week at the Two Counties Dance Festival. There were trophies galore as nine of our pupils were invited to dance in the Bursary competition at the end of the week’s activities (some of them were nominated more than once!).2016.06.06 Two Counties 04

Well done to Rebecca Hanneman, Alexandra O’Brien, Bree Quinton, Ewan Revill, Gabriel Sharrock, Jack Skelton, Eve Wainwright, Aliyah Xaba and Laylah Xaba for earning their spot in the Bursary section. An even bigger congratulations to Rebecca Hanneman for winning Senior Bursary prize! 2016.06.06 Two Counties 06
There were too many medal wins to count but a few highlights are the Junior Character section, in which our pupils swept the board from 1st-4th place with Eva Cadet, Megan Bridger, Gracie Smedley and Maddison Buckley. Abigail Bridger took a 1st place in her Tap while our seniors and their Top Hat troupe also took a gold brushing off their white coats.
Well done to everyone who represented the school, working hard and always with a smile!2016.06.06 Two Counties 07

IDTA Scholarship Nominations
A big congratulations to Ewan, Gabriel and Jack for being nominated for their Grade 4 Theatre Craft examinations – they will be dancing at the 2017 IDTA Theatre Dance Awards in Manchester next year.2016.06.06 Two Counties 09

Staff Success
Well done to Miss Rebecca Akers who has achieved the position of Fellow of the International Dance Teachers’ Association through her qualifications in Modern Jazz. We’re very glad all the hard work paid off! Miss Rebecca and Miss Marie Horner also won awards at Two Counties Dance Festival.2016.06.06 Two Counties 08

Singin’ In The Rain
Our lovely former pupil and guest teacher Matt Croke is assuming the lead role of Don Lockwood at Singin’ in the Rain – which this month will be performed at Bolton’s Octagon Theatre for a month! Tickets are nearly sold out so book soon to avoid disappointment.2016.06.06 Singin in the Rain 01

All Good Things
Preparations are now well underway for our school production, All Good Things. We have now sold out for Saturday’s evening performance and are nearly sold out for the matinee! If you would like tickets please get in touch with Pete Berry at 0114 246 6126 or by email at psberry43@gmail.comShow 2014

Miss Dance of Great Britain 2016
Well… this hardly needs an introduction as one tenth of the competitors of this prestigious event are homegrown Berry Babes! Sunday 12th June and Blackpool won’t know what hits it as hundreds of Team Berry pile into the Winter Gardens Theatre to cheer on our fantastically talented girls, Rebecca Hanneman, Alexandra O’Brien, Bree Quinton, Charlotte Stones and Bridie Thorpe. We can’t wait to see you on that stage girls, best of luck, we know you don’t need it.

So stay tuned! Lots of exciting things happening at the Sharon Berry School in the coming weeks…Too Darn Hot 2014

All Good Things: Ticket Information

We’re very much looking forward to our school production in July, All Good Things, which will be a celebration of the very best of Berry School!


Tickets will be on sale to school pupils 1st May. General sale will begin 19th May.

Tickets can only be purchased via the official forms distributed by Mrs Berry and will only be reserved when the money is paid in full.

£12 adult ticket
£9 concession

Please note there are no concession tickets for the Saturday evening performance.

For show dates and further information, please click here: All Good Things.
To sponsor a page in our programme, please click here: Programme Sponsorship
And finally, to see how we’ve been getting on with our rehearsals, please click here: Show Gallery.

Programme Sponsorship

As you should well know, we’re preparing for our school production in July! For more information on that, please click here: All Good Things.

If you wish to sponsor a page in our programme for your business please contact Mrs Berry either via private Facebook message or by telephone: 0114 246 6126. We are charging £75 for a full page, £50 for half a page – all proceeds to charity to be announced.


Class Timetable – Summer 2016

For our Saturday class our timetable will now be operating based on show dances. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via our Facebook page or by contacting Mrs Berry directly.

Please note there are some exam classes scheduled.

10.00-10.30 Juveniles – Mickey Mouse Club House Theatre Craft – We Belong Together
10.30-11.00 Grade 1 Tap – as arranged by Mrs Berry
11.00-11.30 Ladybird Ballet Butterfly Ballet
11.30-12.00 Modern – Join the Circus Modern – Come Follow the Band Grade 3 Theatre Craft – exam class
12.00-12.30 Stretch
12.30-1.15 Theatre Craft – You’ve Got a Friend in Me Theatre Craft – Glenn Miller Grade 4 Theatre Craft – Exam Class
1.15-1.30 Lunch
1.30-2.15 Tap – Positoovity Blue Skies
2.15-3.15 The Hunt – Senior Hunters Only
3.15-4.15 Tap – Anything Goes

A Berry Happy New Year To You

Well, what a year 2015 has been – perhaps one of the best? While Christmas has been creeping up on us we’ve been getting into the mood with some fantastic events; special mention for the Christmas Fayre organised by our fabulous Fundraising Committee and not forgetting the fandabbydozy Christmas Concert! We were thrilled to sell out all the tickets and see so many friends and family there to support us, and well done to the pupils and staff for putting together a brilliant show.


In the spirit of the new year we’re reflecting on this one. So here goes, we hope you enjoy looking back. In 2015 we’ve been…

  • Raising the roof at Miss Dance 2015…

Three of our very talented cohort, Misses Rebecca Hanneman, Bree Quinton & Bridie Thorpe performed in the Final of Miss Dance 2015 held at the immense Winter Gardens Theatre in Blackpool.

2015 03 01 Miss Dance 2

  • Bursting with pride at Billy Elliot’s latest cast member…bradley

This year our pupil Bradley Mayfield took on the role of Michael, Billy’s best friend, in the smash hit Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace Theatre in September. After an extremely successful 11 years on the West End, the show will close its doors in April 2016 – we’re very proud to say that the very first Billy was a Berry Boy and so is the last Michael!

  • Backing up Gary, Howard & Owen to 40,000 people…

In June Mrs Berry was given a very special mission: Get together an ensemble, a troupe if you like, of adults to perform on the stage with Take That during their 3 dates at Sheffield Arena. Like with most challenges, Mrs B tackled this one with aplomb, and the choreography was learned, the songs already tattooed into our brains, and the performances were smashed.

15.06.01 Take That

  • Strutting to Burlesque success…

Our former pupil, Miss Alice Wilson, alias Didi Derriere, stormed to victory in the national grand final of Miss Burlesque Idol 2015. Congratulations!


  • Getting engaged…

Congratulations to Miss Alicia and her new fiancé Dan on their engagement! We can’t wait for the wedding.

15.12.25 Alicia Dan

  • Waving off (temporarily we hope) a very talented young man…

One of our pupils, Frankie Beetlestone, had his talent recognised by the clever folks at Sylvia Young Theatre School; after a competitive entry process, Frankie was invited to carry out intensive musical theatre training alongside his studies at the school in London.

2015 04 13 Frankie 2#
Frankie and Mrs Berry
  • Training the teachers of tomorrow…

Our class helpers undertook their first teaching qualification exams and passed with flying colours (Honours). Well done to Molly Barrrowclough, Megan Clixby, Elle Longden-Lyons, Charlotte Stones & Leah Tucci for achieving their Pre-Associate Theatre Craft Part 1.

  • Continuing to represent on the West End…

Former pupils and part-time teachers Matthew Croke and Devon McKenzie-Smith continue to divide their time between musicals in London and our pupils up here in Sheffield. Matt finished his second stint in Wicked as understudy for Fiyero and has gone on to join Sheridan Smith in Funny Girl at the Chocolate Menier Factory. Dev has been performing alongside Beverley Knight in Memphis, a brand new musical which took place at the Shaftsbury Theatre.

  • Enchanting audiences in a little place in France…

One of our biggest achievements this year was transporting a group of 36 very excited young dancers to Disneyland Paris in the summer to perform to park guests on the Videopolis stage. The children performed magically, the staff put together fantastic routines, and as per usual, the fans (mums, dads, nans, grandads, brothers, sisters and friends) were their usual, enthusiastic (if a little wild) and noisy selves. What a wonderful few days, we hope you treasure the memories as much as we do.

15.07.28 Disneyland

  • Sparkling in Blackpool (again)…

A little group of our pupils this year took part in Northern Star, a talent competition held in Blackpool incorporating the disciplines of dance, singing and musical theatre. Not only were we thrilled to see all our pupils put through to the final, we were incredibly proud to see Eleanor Jackson take runner-up!

  • Oh no you don’t-ing across South Yorkshire…

This year our pupils make up the Junior performers in three pantomimes in the area. At Rotherham Civic, going to the ball with Cinderella, are Abigail Bridger, Megan Bridger, Grace Mitchell, Leila Steer, Lilli Walker, Evie Wright & Laylah Xaba. Back in Sheffield at the LyceumEva CadetMaddie DunnMaisie GanleyLucy Holcroft, Eleanor Jackson, Megan Moore, Megan Thorpe, Renée Warren and Aliyah Xaba are performing in Aladdin. Up the road at City Hall are Ewan Revill and Jack Skelton, also performing in Cinderella. 

  • Competing at dance festivals around the region…

Whether at Goldthorpe, Cantley, Two Counties or Penistone Festival – we’re very proud of our pupils in the hard work they put in and the good sportsmanship showed throughout these competitive events. Particular mentions to Miss Isabelle Sykes, winner of Senior Bursary at Two Counties Festival.

2015 03 10 Goldthorpe 1

  • ‘Working’ overseas in places exotic and beautiful…

Miss Lois was missed this year as she took up her 9 month contract in the Costa del Sol working as part of the hotel entertainment team. Our former pupil Hollie Glossop was also the dance captain on a 6 month contract in Malta. Since then she has embarked upon the Marco Polo as part of the cruise ship’s entertainment, recently checking in from Portugal.

2015 05 04 Hollie Showgirl

  • Channelling our inner Kate Moss…

Four of our pupils, Abigail Bridger, Maisie Ganley, Rebecca Hanneman and Jack Skelton were selected by to appear in Images Dance Costumes’ 2015 catalogue. Further to this, Jack, Rebecca, Bridie Thorpe and Conner Povey have been modelling for the 2016 catalogue, which is out now.


  • Dancing our socks off in Manchester…

At the International Dance Teachers Association’s Theatre Dance Awards, pupils who were specially selected during their grades exams danced in front of adjudicators and choreographers at the Dancehouse Theatre. Emily Gay, Liberty Shepherd and Eve Wainwright were beautiful in their Grade 5 Ballet section. Meanwhile, Rebecca Hanneman, Alexandra O’Brien, Bree Quinton, Charlotte Stones and Bridie Thorpe were fantastic in both Intermediate Modern Jazz and Intermediate Theatre Craft. We were especially thrilled when Rebecca, Bree and Bridie were awarded special commendations for their Theatre Craft, and Bree and Bridie also received the honour for their Modern Jazz performance.

  • Breaking records left right and centre…

Bridie Thorpe has smashed the record previously held by Rebecca Hanneman for IDTA grade exam results; our extremely talented young lady achieved her Advanced 1 Modern Jazz qualification with a stunning 96 marks.

  • Ramping up for a spectacular 2016…

Our pupil Jack Skelton has two nominations under his belt for Grade 4 Modern Jazz and Grade 5 Tap, while Rebecca Hanneman, Bree Quinton, Charlotte Stones and Bridie Thorpe were nominated for their performance in their Intermediate Tap exams. These four girls and Alexandra O’Brien were also nominated for their Advanced 1 Modern Jazz exam – so we’re looking forward to Scholarships next Spring.

Alexandra, Bree, Bridie, Charlotte & Rebecca are also working towards Miss Dance 2016. Bree, Bridie & Rebecca have won heats and already secured their places in the final next June, while it can only be a matter of time for Alex and Charlotte; we wish you all the best girls.


Well there you have it. Coming up in 2016, All Good Thingsour bi-annual school production – stay tuned for more details. We wish an incredibly happy and prosperous new year from our family to yours.

See you back at class Monday 4th!



Winter Wonders From The Fundraising Committee

Dance editing-001This newsletter comes from our in-house Fundraising Committee, comprised of parents, teachers and friends of the school. We thank them for their continued support and hard work.

A big thank you to our pupils, parents and friends of the school for the fantastic and

continued support in the fundraising efforts which have helped us to purchase new

dance costumes, new audio equipment and contribution to Disney travel arrangements

during this last year. Future funding being generated will help towards next year’s

school production All Good Things (see details below) and portable dance mirrors are

also being considered as an investment to help all pupils with their continued dance


We are delighted to announce the forthcoming key events up until the end of the year.

Tuesday 24th November – Ladies Jewellery Party Malin Bridge Club (Gas Club)

7.00pm onward

A wide range of modern and contemporary jewellery and accessories will be available

to purchase just in time for Christmas. Pick up a few items to glam up that little black

dress or treat your friends or loved ones to one-off bespoke items. Friends and family

all welcome.

Saturday 12th December – Christmas Craft Fayre St Thomas More Community Centre

11.00am onward

Come along to kick-start your Christmas shopping

early. A wide range of Christmas crafts and gifts will

be available. Family and friends all welcome.


Saturday 19th December – Christmas Concert Thomas More Community Centre

12.00-1.00pm and 1.30–2.30pm

Sharon Berry pupils will be finishing

the school year with a Christmas

concert guaranteed to get you into the festive spirit. Following last

year’s popularity two separate performances will take place at 12.00

and 1.30pm. Tickets £2.00 adult and £1.00 children/senior citizens.

Tickets on sale at Saturday class or can be ordered via Facebook


Saturday Tuck Shop and Weekly Bonus Ball (£1.00 entry) still available to all aged

16+ years.


Show Dates: 14th – 16th July @ Montgomery Theatre – Surrey Street, Sheffield

Dress/Technical Rehearsals 12th & 13th July

Pupil Rehearsal days 30th June, 2nd & 9th July

To find out more, please click here.

2015.06.28 Poster 02

If you can offer any support or help or would just like to get involved in fundraising

initiatives please do not hesitate to speak to one of the Committee Members or email