Berry Babes at the Zoe Birkett Academy

2017.01.24 Zoe Birkitt Academy.jpg

Last weekend, 7 of our Berry Babes enjoyed a 2-day workshop with industry professionals at the Zoe Birkett Academy in Hartlepool. Isabel Adshead, Helin Arslan, Abigail Bridger, Megan Bridger, Niamh Thompson, Evie Wright and Laylah Xaba, fresh from their run in Rotherham Civic’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves took part in singing, dancing and acting classes which were then transformed into a performance for parents at the end of the weekend.

Zoe Birkett, (of Pop Idol fame) who starred as Snow White herself in Shone Productions’ Christmas favourite, taught the singing class herself, while the dance class was taught by Christabelle Field, choreographer for Sky 1’s Got to Dance, and the acting class was led by Game of Thrones’ Junade Khan.

The girls were split into age groups and performed a scene from Men in Black, complete with singing, dancing, and American accents!

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