Happy 18th Birthday Alex!

DSC_0039-001Many happy returns to our lovely Alexandra O’Brien who turns 18 today.

Following in her mum Keeley’s footsteps, Alex joined the school at the age of 3 in Baby Class being well-looked after by Miss Lisa. She began her dance festival career in a category that would always serve her well throughout, Tap. By the time she was 6 she was in the Open categories for Tap, Ballet & Modern at dancing competitions and at the end of her festival career, she can look to several Bursary awards.

From the age of 7, Alex was a regular on Sheffield’s Lyceum stage, appearing as part of the juvenile chorus in Never Forget and every Christmas in the pantomime until she grew too tall – something she has always resented! Mum Keeley promised her she wouldn’t hate her height when she was older and she was right – Alex’s leg lines are often envied at class.01 Alex

Alex has been nominated several times for the IDTA’s Theatre Dance Awards, an annual event to celebrate the very best examination syllabus performances. She has competed there on behalf of the school for the last three years.

To speak of this year’s seniors without mentioning Miss Dance of Great Britain would be remiss. This competition is an annual national competition bringing together Britain’s 55 top dancers. A place in this competition is hotly contested and we couldn’t be more proud that Alex qualified for this in both 2016 & 2017.02 Alex

Towards the end of her time with us, Alex has attended summer schools at professional dance colleges in London, including Performers College & Urdang. This has only confirmed her dreams of pursuing a career in the performing arts, either on the West End or with the opportunities to travel.


Her mum assures us that she has enjoyed every minute of her training and is very much looking forward to the future, which seems particularly bright.

Alexandra will take up her place at Laine Theatre Arts, a prestigious performing arts college in Surrey this coming September. We wish her all the luck in the world and can’t wait to see what she does next.


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